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Fun Time

Fun Time 1: Blue Bus Cutout

Ref: http://www.jamcraft.com/~goro/img_top/vwbus15w.pdf

Fun Time 2: Light Blue Bus Cutout

Ref: http://www.oldcars.co.jp/paper/panel1.jpg

Fun Time 3: Panel Bus Cutout

Ref: http://www.oldcars.co.jp/paper/panell.jpg

Fun Time 4: Beetle Cutout

Ref: http://local.aaca.org/junior/4wheelfun/pcar.htm What You Need:
- paper, a heavy paper is recommended
- glue stick
- scissors
What you do:
- Print the paper car preferably on a stiff piece of paper.
Note: If your printer can not print on heavy paper, print on a regular piece of paper and glue to a 2nd sheet of paper before cutting out.
- Carefully cut around the car
- Fold along all lines marked number 1 on the illustration below before gluing
bullet - Place glue on the tabs marked number 2 on the illustration below

Fun Time 5: Herbie Cutout

Ref: http://local.aaca.org/junior/4wheelfun/pcar.htm

Fun Time 6: Breugem Brewery Volkswagen Van

Ref: http://www.breugemsbrouwerij.nl/downloads/bouwplaat1.pdf

Fun Time 7: Uncolored Beetle Cutout

Ref: http://www.papertoys.com/old-volkswagon.htm#friend

Fun Time 8: Pick your color bus
You will love this one. Choose your colors, print, cut, glue!

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