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Reader's Rides

Do you have an old VW story? A Road Trip? A camping trip? Your first car? A car you built when you were a child? A restoration project? A love story?
No matter what it was, we want to hear it. We thought it would be a great idea to allow people to share their old photos and stories about their old VW's. Who doesn't enjoy sitting back and reading a good story, especially when it involves a Volkswagen.

Rules and Instructions:
1. Must be a VW from your family history.
2. To protect your identity, please tell me if you want names, license plates, locations blurred or removed. If you do not tell me, I will assume everything is AS-IS.
3. Please submit your story by typing or e-mailing me. It can be in MS Word/DOC format. I won't have time to spell check everyone, so please check your work. I can't guarentee that I will have time to go back and edit each person's individual entry.
4. Photos can be mailed to Heather Fox, scanned in, and returned.
5. Tell us your story.

Contact me at Heather@ctvwa.org today.

Only pages will be made per story. No videos or slide shows. Please be sure to include your contact information (which will be kept private). You never know, we may publish a CVA Book some day. These stories and photos will remain property of it's owner and CVA, and may NOT be duplicated or used for any other purpose.

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